Carpe Diem Events presents ‘Poetry Meets Art’
London’s only monthly event for Congo full of top performance poets and artists hosted by The Hive! An evening of Edutainment at its finest alongside community presentations, vegan food, open mic and music as we raise awareness on ethical technology.
On this powerful, and moving night of poetry and art we learned a lot about the Congo’s conflict minerals, as well as the strength of some of the women who have survived that conflict. Here is a summary of the information:
Facts about minerals
•    Coltan – a black rock like mineral that is heat resistant and makes your battery life last longer in phones, laptops and tablets
•    Tin – used in everything especially solder board. Can be found in most household appliances – microwaves, tv’s, remotes, light switches, bulbs, etc
•    Tungsten – this is what makes our phones vibrate and screens flash. Also used for other lights – bus and traffic and camera
•    Gold – the highest priced mineral and the one that fuels the conflict the most. Gold coats the wiring in circuits and is also used in jewelry.
Company rankings
•    Look at what companies are investing in conflict free minerals. By having a look we can decide who to buy from (Fairphone will always be the best!), who to avoid and which cmpanies to put pressure on. Raise Hope for Congo – Company rankings
•    Fairphone is the world only phone is made from 100% conflict free minerals and it’s an amazing phone! The miner and those is the mining villages get paid enough to live, save and send their children to school, work in a safe environment with all the right equipment and the oney made from sales goes into investing in these communities. If you need a new phone or simply want to know more then click on the link!
Panzi Hospital

•    Panzi Hospital and Foundation was set up by the inspirational Dr Denis Mukwege in 1999 and has since gone on to become a much needed safe haven for women and children. 10% of the money made at Poetry Meets Art goes to this hospital and thanks to you they have been able to train four more surgeons and open a new wing! Check it out – Panzi Hospital and Foundation


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