The Hive is an evolution of the free social centre, intelligently reusing empty buildings and wasted resources to create an independent environmental and cultural space.

We host cultural and political events, facilitate workshops, hold seminars and meetings, film screenings, art exhibitions and run campaigns on major social issues. The Hive is not just a venue but it’s a social project and a solutions building. We are not-for-profit and entirely voluntary.

Follow the links above and below for more information on our full schedule or our social activities.

The Hive is the showcase building of ReSpace Projects – an organisation set-up to facilitate the use of empty buildings and wasted resources by communties. Click the logos to visit our website – http://www.respaceprojects.org

Watch this short video for a brief introduction to what we do:

What is the Hive Life?:
The Hive uses innovative new models of living and working to be able to function in the way it does… key to this are the people behind these new ways of life. The hive has had a few crews over the years we have been operating.. find out who some of these amazing people are..
Click here to meet the Crew

The Hive in politics:
Check out our latest conference where mainstream and underground politics meet:
For a brief review of the event and links please click here…

Radio 4 Documentary: 
The BBC Radio documentary “A Waste of Space” aired Monday 11th April at 8pm. You can catch it here on the iPlayer:

When Torus and Creative Opportunities came to the Hive:

Young people doing the National Citizen Service programme visited the Hive in the Summer of 2017 and made this video:


Hive installation by Sam Smudger: