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As we set about the Hive’s final transition, we are collating, updating, sorting and rating all the incredible stories, footage, audio and learning we have collected over its lifetime. It has been quite a journey. Keep an eye on this site for exciting new developments and projects coming up over the next few months! And please share liberally – we were all part of making this legendary social project!

After two and a half amazing years the Hive closed on November 19th 2017.

A message from ReSpace Projects

So we made it… start to finish.
934 days of the Hive Dalston social project. When we started we wanted to prove a point. And along the way we have grown and learned, lost people who were once friends and gained brand new ones. We have defied expectations and overcome every obstacle. The stats are starting to come in now and they make for unbelievable reading – I am so very proud of us all.
All the volunteers, crew members, helpers and supporters who have played their part in keeping the vibe beautiful and progressive… through all our trials and tribulations, you have been the reason it has carried on.
As we draw now to a close, this is the most exciting moment in our adventure.
Our ambition to change the law and free up space for communities to use is ongoing and there are several new projects in the pipeline. One day we hope to see the world respaced so it can just flow a bit better!
Whether you came to visit, to stay or to help, you were important to us.
You lifted us, taught us and made us stronger.
The Hive Dalston was not a building or a venue.
It was all of us.

We want to hear from you.

Send us your Hive story. What was your experience of the Hive? Did you come to socialise? Or to train? For a meeting, to perform or to learn dancing? What do you feel about the Hive closing?

Complete our submission form or email your Hive memories to and help our campaign for more Hives in the capital.

We accept written, audio, or video submissions, please use WeTransfer to send larger files.

To demonstrate the social good that Hive has achieved we prepared an impact report that we was  launched November 16th at our third annual ReSpace Conference.

Called the City Makers Meeting, the conference brought together developers, policy makers, campaigners and architects to look at the future potential for projects like the Hive in the capital and to explore the practical changes and partnerships needed to make London a Hive friendly environment. See details of our previous conferences: 2015 and 2016


See all of Hive’s closing events here

The Hive is an evolution of the free social centre, intelligently reusing empty buildings and wasted resources to create an independent environmental and cultural space.

We host cultural and political events, facilitate workshops, hold seminars and meetings, film screenings, art exhibitions and run campaigns on major social issues. The Hive is not just a venue but it’s a social project and a solutions building. We are not-for-profit and entirely voluntary.

Recently in the Media:
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What is the Hive Life?:
The Hive uses innovative new models of living and working to be able to function in the way it does… key to this are the people behind these new ways of life. The hive has had a few crews over the years we have been operating.. find out who some of these amazing people are..
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The Hive in politics:
Check out our latest conference where mainstream and underground politics meet:
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Come along to our third annual ReSpace Conference on November 16th

Radio 4 Documentary: 
The BBC Radio documentary “A Waste of Space” aired Monday 11th April at 8pm. You can catch it here on the iPlayer:

When Torus and Creative Opportunities came to the Hive:

Young people doing the National Citizen Service programme visited the Hive in the Summer of 2017 and made this video:


Hive installation by Sam Smudger: