Hive Hero: Michael

The first Hive hero… Michael is the Landlord of the Hive.

Without him taking a chance on working with us then we wouldn’t be here.

Michael had been a developer for many years and had a significant impact in the growth of the Kingsland Basin area – where the Hive is situated. Having built so many residential blocks nearby he felt that the area needed something more to stimulate those people who live there. To give them somewhere to work and play as well as live.

He had let it be known to Hackney Charities Voluntary Services that he was interested in lending them the building… they contacted us and the rest is history.

He has been a huge supporter and has even gone on to help our sister project “Passing Clouds” in their campaign to get their building back.

Michael is fast developing a reputation as an innovative social developer.

Thank You.

Here’s a clip of Michael explaining some of the worries he had before the Hive started!

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