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The Hive was an independent social space facilitated by not-for-profit company, ReSpace Projects, that enables the temporary use of empty buildings for social good. The building itself was a four-storey ex-office block that was broken and empty for nearly eight years and which, according to the owner, is likely to be empty for at least another year until he is able to develop it into residential flats. By creating an infrastructure-based model that is flexible, easy to implement and delivers genuine benefits to landlords, communities and councils, ReSpace Projects propose a blueprint that can inform future planning for a more effective and inclusive approach to resource management.

You can visit the ReSpace Projects website here: www.respaceprojects.org

We are currently processing the results of our impact report which will be appearing on this site soon.

The Hive was located at: 260-264 Kingsland Road E8 4DG (near the canal), Hackney.

email: respaceprojects@gmail.com


6 thoughts on “About The Hive

    1. Thanks for your question. The Hive is a “ReSpace” project. This means we have a legal contract with the developer to use the building for the community. Our methods to deliver this may be “unconventional”, but they are effective. ;-)


      1. Thanks Guys i represent an anglican parish and we want to help Calaid on the 6th but I have a duty to protect them from any controversy.

        Much appreciated and concerns all answered thank you


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