the City Makers’ Meeting

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The third and final annual conference event to be held at Hive Dalston is the City Makers’ Meeting on the 16th November. This event is predominantly for socially-minded developers, architects, councillors and planners to learn more about the ReSpace Projects’ system of reuse, which takes empty buildings, volunteers and wasted resources, and turns them into projects such as the Hive Dalston, Craftory Newham or the Cultural Assembly in Southend.
ReSpace Projects has recently partnered with the London Waste and Recycling Board on their Route Map to a circular economy, and the demonstrable benefits of reusing wasted materials are now being evidenced by the figures and statistics that are being added up as Hive Dalston moves into its final transition phase. Our wonderful landlords, Investland, have finally got their planning permission, two years after originally planned. What was initially a 6 month project has hosted over 25,000 people in two and a half years and we’ve given away around £24,000 worth of materials – a conservative estimate – to local neighbours, charities and community groups in the process.
If you’re interested in attending the City Makers’ Meeting – or helping us organise it – please email
Thank you again for all your support and input at Hive Dalston, and do keep an eye out for our Christmas newsletter where we’ll update you with our progress!!!
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