Getting it sortedbrian_hive2

A hive of activity at the Hive
Trying to sort it all out
New cafe and kitchen and showers as well
All needed, there is no doubt
Somewhere to sleep, to store all the gear
And somewhere the crew can all chill
Curtains and cushions, power tools as well
All come at a sizeable bill.
So if you can respace, help us out at all
If you’re a chippy or got legal advice
Please get in touch, we do need the help
Go getters too would be nice.
To get the Hive sorted, a place for us all
Somewhere community can grow
A place to be proud of, whoever you are
Can you help? Please let us know.

By our resident poet BRS
(come along to his free Creative Writing workshop any Thursday 2-4pm)


Open work day every Wednesday and Sunday 1pm-5pm starting Wednesday July 29th.

Can you lend us a hand?

There is so much work to do in the Hive and in the garden – from fixing the kids house, through cleaning the stairs, to building flower beds and restoring the furniture – come help us build a better space. Bring yourself, some messy work clothes and tools if you’ve got ’em.



3 thoughts on “Open Work Day – Weds / Sun 1-5pm

  1. Hi, I’m a registered electrician, carpenter etc. Been involved in lots of land rights and homeless projects ‘back in the day’ . Just stumbled into your project. More than happy to come and check out any electrical a you may need sorting.
    When would be good?


    1. Hi Steve, thanks for your offer. We are around the building most days and times, so you can pop by anytime, really. But Sunday work day and Wednesday are the best. Or any evening. Ask for me, Gee. :-)


  2. Hello! I work at comm-tech, we recycle computers and try to get them back into use instead of scrap material. If desired we can set up a small network to provide the centre with an IT resource. Or whatever geekery is needed – just let me know, if resources are available perhaps we can contribute this to Work Day?


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