Attention! Attenzione! Achtung!

Hive Dalston is pleased to announce that
tonight’s Nerd Night will feature:

Talks from –
Kieran Kirkwood – The History of Jazz
Kalliope Tavoulari – Epigenetics explained
Brian Steel – The Northern Ireland Story

Also featuring Lisa’s Factoid Corner on Iceland

Regular discussions and a quiz from resident quizmaster BRS.

And we are particularly pleased to announce the start of our regular COmmunity Games Review for Reuters news agency.

This week we will be reviewing Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

Come along early to get involved in playing and reviewing and fighting ovr the controllers for this brand new game. Comments and suggestions will go toward creating a unique review of the game for publication.

Ideas include filming gamers and conversations to make an interesting short video.

Talks start at 9pm – Games review starts at 7pm

Bring a controller if you’re hardcore!

See ya!

Nerd Night – Where the geeks shall inherit the earth.

Facebook event:


Think Monty Python’s conversation restaurant crossed with a TED convention crossed with a philosophical debate between drunk people. Throw in some geek chic and unusual fayre and you have recipe for some proper brain food!

Each week there will be three interesting speakers on a variety of fascinating subjects…. with Q&A’s and discussions. Video’s, youtube jukebox and many many more things we can come up with.

An excuse to geek out and indulge in nerd heaven!

Next up…
Thursday August 6
Thursday August 20

£2  entry                                                                             Check us out on Facebook.

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