Wake up project finished


Sunday 22nd May 11am-10pm

This is part of The Wake Up Project UK, to enlighten those who are not aware of the Deceit and the Slavery system that they have been unwillingly entered into. The following group of men are Inspirational speakers who will enlighten those for a thirst for knowledge.

Guy Taylor will enlighten you on the aspects of the criminal activities of the court and the Police.  He has such knowledge about criminal and civil courts which will assist many people to realise what has been happening to them, he is an inspirational speaker.

Peter Croll will be speaking on the construction of Common Law Courts and their place in these Islands. Peter has a great deal of knowledge of the court system and has a wealth of knowledge regarding this subject and also Council Tax.

John Hurst is an ex Policeman and will give you an insight into many aspects of the Law.  His knowledge of Grand Jury’s is second to none in the UK and also the British Constitution and once again is a remarkable speaker.

Rob B has researched many aspects of Jurisdictions in this country, he will be speaking primarily about Council Tax at this meeting but may well branch into the reasons why the Government and the Police have Jurisdiction over you.
Mark Ceylon will be conducting a talk about how to cope with debt and solutions to many problems involving debt slavery.  He is also extremely knowledgeable about natural health solutions.

Tom Crawford will be explaining about Banking Fraud, Evictions and the collusion between the Courts and Police and also how to deal with bailiffs.

So come and join us, bring a friend to our Facebook page and our meetings.

Welcome to the Wake Up Project UK