Whether you celebrate Valentine’s Day or not, LOVE is a pretty unavoidable emotion in February. So we bring you a double bill of Czech & Slovak films you will fall in love with! 

You’re in for a treat because we start off with an award-winning and soul-warming Slovak documentary Blind Loves (Slepé lásky). After the break we will follow with the Czech classic Cutting It Short (Postřižiny) by Jiří Menzel. A really rare chance to see both on a big screen in London!

We are hosting the screening in Hive Dalston which means plenty of snuggly sofas and relaxed atmosphere to share with your friends, family & loved ones. Best of all, ticket price includes cake!

Films are screened in original language (Czech and Slovak) with English subtitles.

We are very much looking forward to seeing you all!

About the films:

BLIND LOVES / Slepé lásky, dir. Juraj Lehotský, 2008.
Blind Loves is a film about love between blind people. To find one’s place in this world is not an easy thing to do for people with good sight, but how much more difficult it can get for somebody who is blind? The “view” of blind people in this documentary is often pure, essential and witty – it uncovers new dimensions of meaning of happiness.

CUTTING IT SHORT / Postřižiny, dir. Jiří Menzel, 1980.
Based on a book by Bohumil Hrabal, Cutting It Short is a mosaic of humorously-laden stories of a newly married couple that runs a local brewery during the first Czechoslovak Republic. That sounds like a pretty ordinary story, if it wasn’t for Maryška, who insists on having her daily dose of adventure and trouble. And her husband Francin doesn’t like the sound of it…

Tickets cost £8 and are available here.