Exhibition July 20 – 26
Exhibition private view: Thursday July 20th 7-11pm

Project Mission Gallery is happy to announce Unhinged: Ain’t I Beautiful? III, the third instalment of our ‘Ain’t I Beautiful?’ group exhibition series. The series of exhibitions aims to discuss and challenge the concept and power of ‘beauty’; who defines it, where it comes from, and how it can be expressed.

Unhinged, specifically looks at beauty through a male lens, and features a group of black male artists sharing their experiences regarding the theme. Working across a variety of media, including painting, photography, videography, installation and sculpture, the group of artists will address the idea of ‘beauty’ while combating its gender-normative axioms. Beauty is a concept that reaches beyond the body and at this moment is urgently being re-evaluated both individually and collectively.

Unhinged responds to the conundrum that is socialized beauty; examining how defining it for oneself can be a maddening and/or freeing experience. Males aren’t always allowed to claim beauty for themselves – and being farther away from the centre of societies’ ideas of what is attractive, men of colour typically have different experiences with this word and what it means to them. This exhibition will give a voice to those experiences as black and brown people are often left out of the conversations of societal beauty. The first iteration of the ‘Ain’t I Beautiful?’ series debuted in December of 2016, followed by a second show in January 2017.
Both focused on the work of women and non-binary people.

Featured artists include:
Abdourahman Njie
Alexander Ikhide
Hamed Maiye
Kobby Adi
Khaleb Salah
Emmanuel Awuni
Kareem Reid

Exhibition Event:
Drink & Draw | Self Portraits : A group workshop on self portraiture, BYOB
21/7/17 18:30-20:30

About Project Mission Gallery
Project Mission Gallery is a traveling art gallery that focuses on creating platforms in local communities for emerging artists who identify as People of Color (PoC).
Founded in 2014, Project Mission Gallery is dedicated to supporting emerging arts, holding critical discussions through art, and building strong community relationships through collaboration. Our hope is to make accessible spaces through exhibitions and workshops, and provide PoC artists with a place to share their work and their voice. The intent is to grow sustainable creative environments with multiple access points to creativity, art and community building in places where PoC narratives are often overlooked.

We believe there are many voices waiting to be heard within the arts, and our goal is to contribute in making that happen.