A gathering for all
30 Apr 3-10pm
We are a shamanic and conscious gathering open to all ages and people from all walks of life. We offer the opportunity to be part of sacred ceremony connect with the sacredness of life, honor and offer gratitude to mother earth using to the elements, through sacred cacao, water, drumming and fire ceremonies.

We walk the path of the protectors and advocates of the earth, praying and meditating in action supporting causes around the globe. In these pressing times of rapid awakening and expansion of the “negative” is important to gather around to pray and raise our frequencies and vibrations and of those of the people around us

We welcome people new to spirituality or shamanism; ours are simple but profound ceremonies and circles of integration, exchange of ideas and celebration of life.

Lets gather to meditate, pray, dance, sing, learn, play and drum. With live music, shamanic drumming, dance, special guests, healers, shamans, market and much more.

We will hold special prayers on the day, inviting our participants to bring their own special prayers and join us.

Program starts 3pm
·      Drumming workshop: 2nd floor run by Emeris Solis?
·      Dance workshop: 2nd floor Ariadna?
·      Children meditation: Raymi?
·      First floor: Shamanic Market
·      Introduction 6pm: Healing the Land and the Gente Natura.
·      Open ceremony 6:30pm:  with live music from Camilo Menjura:
(Water and Cacao): 2nd floor
·      Andean group: 7:30pm: Andean pipes
·      Sound journey and trance dance: 8:30pm: with Afro-shamanic band sound from the pacific and Atlantic coast
·      Closing circle 9:30pm.