Date: Wednesday 12 July, 1st floor
Time: 19:00 – 22:00
Price: £30

“The Music Medicine” is a collective of musicians and performers whose aim is to bring harmony and enjoyment to spaces and individuals, using the medicines of movement and music.
Founded by Sound Alchemist & Celebrational Dj Dimitrios, “The Music Medicine” attempts to share its message through Workshops, Performance Events & Individual Sessions, emphasizing on one’s musical education and understanding of the importance of music and movement as
“tools of healing” on the everyday life, also bridging the gap between Meditation & Celebration.

The Music Medicine workshop is a profound experience of movement and meditation guided by music and sounds of nature.
In this experience the participant will detach from the outside world, the noise, the stress, the anxiety and surrender to the inner world journey.
With the help of music and special aromatic incenses one will rediscover one’s Higher Self by recconecting body and soul in Meditation and Celebration.
All workshops follow the sequence:
– Opening of the Circle / Sharing of Intention – Guided Movements
– Musical Meditation
– Free Dancing
– Short Musical Meditation
– Closing of the Circle / Sharing of experience / Closing Meditation

The movements, the application of nature’s sounds combined with specially selected and live music, a variety of aromatic herbs and incenses, chanting and the use of instruments that simulate natural phenomena and animals will help the participant to:
+ Relax profoundly
+ Relieve the nervous system
+ Release unpleasant thoughts, emotions and pain (physical or psychological) + Harmonize the metabolism
+ Cultivate the state of presence
(here and now)
+ Boost creativity and inspiration
+ Receive useful informations about one’s past – present or future life issues through visions and dreams
+ Arise the collective awareness and consciousness (oneness)