Director Anton Mirto is looking for female movement artists / dancers for a ongoing 8min public performances called ‘The Army’

Next audition – training – workshop: Wed June 7th 1.30-4.30pm

Please contact with name, contact details & possible interest for wanting to join.

For past work by Mirto please visit

The Army:
To stand on my feet, to challenge my behaviour, to commit, to breathe, to be for or against an idea, to be here, to be stronger than I think I am

Currently operating as 8min bi-monthly guerrilla, impromptu performances, The Army draws together groups of women to ‘ march’, outdoors. The project sees women unite through a gestural language of ‘marching drills’ and audible breathing sounds, exploring ideas around presence, collective fortitude, warriorship and dysfunctionality. Built upon the urgency of objection and the manifestation of inner strength The Army speaks against apathy and for healing and power.