SATURDAY 22nd  OCTOBER, 10-5pm 1st floor, 6-9pm 2nd floor


What? The Advocacy Academy is a youth movement working to unleash the power of disadvantaged young Londoners to create a more just and equal society.

Across a transformational eight-month Fellowship programme, we provide a holistic education in social activism, giving these young leaders the knowledge, skills and confidence to act together to tackle some of the biggest challenges of the 21st century. Our participants learn how to take action on issues that are personal to them, because movements against injustice and inequality are best led by those who are directly affected.

Why? 88% of young people feel like their voices are not being heard in society. 60% don’t understand how decisions are made about local or national issues. Worryingly, it’s those from less affluent families and ethnic minority backgrounds who feel least able to challenge the problems in their communities – young people from poorer families are 29% less likely to participate in democratic action than their wealthier peers.

Not having a voice in the big public conversations that directly affect them – like housing, crime and education – can have a dangerous impact on the confidence and aspirations of these young people. We exist to give them that voice.