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Tejiendo Raíces, Marcando Territorio – Weaving Roots, Marking Territory
Hosted by ‘Movimiento Jaguar Despierto’ & ‘The Wretched of the Earth’

Sunday 16th October 3pm-10pm
We are inviting the Latin American community to mark 524 years of Indigenous resistance since Cristobal Colon opened the doors of invasion to our continent. We will celebrate our identity as Latin Americans and as migrants as well as learning from current struggles in Latin America.

Line up:

16:0O – 18:00: Film El Abrazo de la Serpiente by  Ciro Guerra

18:30 – 20:00: Talk/Workshops

Migrant identity: How we see ourselves as migrants from Latin America and what connections we have with our Indigenous communities ?

Fighting to stay: Current struggles of indigenous people- what are the things that affect Indigenous and Afro descendant communities in Latin America.

One of the main themes will explore the way in which we as a migrant/ exiled community create territory. which is very linked to our migratory identity and the processes of urban expulsions (like gentrification) and which threaten our very existence.

Talk with 3 speakers:
Talking about the film, indigenous identity, colonialism – Jessica
Luz Angela and the Wayuu struggle in Colombia
Casiopex – Mexico and land struggles

Followed by two workshops simultaneous:
Workshop 1 – Resistant prints
Workshop 2 – Indigenous Resistance

20:00 Until late- Performance- Music -Food- Art -Stalls with crafts for sale