Shamanic Trance Dance ★ USM features Rishi Vlote
Sat 8 Apr 7-11pm
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Dear Beautiful Tribe,
The USM is honored to be hosting an event featuring the international Trance Dance facilitator Rishi Vlote from Germany.
Rishi is a Musician and Holistic facilitator with more than 35 years of experience in music, meditation, trance dance and other transformational works. As a drummer and facilitator he offers events, seminars and retreats as well as individual sessions.
He has often collaborated with partners like Dhwani W. Zapp, Harshil Chiostri, Nirava Dainotto, Deva Leela, Veetkam and others…

► Just to give you an idea of the powerful Sound of Rishi, listen to this:

The international community strength of the Urban Shamans Movement with the grounded experience of Rishi Vlote are a perfect combination for hosting an intense Shamanic Trance Dance.

— About the Trance Dance —
This kind of ritual is a resume of the oldest and most diffuse way of human beings to connect within to the inner source.
All round the planet in lots of tribes and cultures, people were – and still are – used to gather and dance tribal music, reaching profound states of being through the free movement, the breath and the shamanic Intention.

Frank Natale was the one who travelled, meeting many tribes and finding a common denominator; the one who syntetized the many different styles of rituals of trance through the dance all over the world, and created a format that is compatible with the western culture.
Frank Natale trained many TD facilitators, among who Rishi Vlote, and Nirava Dainotto, who then trained Alex Akal; that is why the Trance Dance is one of the main ways of the USM to enhance consciousness in London and beyond.
— —

There is going to be just an opening circle and we will plunge deeply into the live music Trance Dance.
► Please wear confortable clothes, bring a bottle of water, and a bandana/blindfold if you have one.

Be ready for a profound experience.
One Tribe, One Love, Aho!

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