Thursday Sep 7th 7-10pm
Shamanic Journeying
Lucid dreaming Workshop

A dream group to help you journey towards your dreams, a mixed sun moon circle to help you get over bumps and blocks on the dream path experience, the support and communion of a scard circle, governed by the shamanic talk stick. You can always re-dream your dream! Now is the time! If you feel like giving up, why not not instead connect up instead! Now is the time!

☼ Heart Meditation
☼ Shamanic Journeyer
☼ Lucid dream exercises
☼ DNA Sound alignment and Activation
☼ talk circle
☼ The art of dream bridging
☼ Shamanic Recapitulation

For dream weavers conscious travels and awakening souls”
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Ever wished your dream journal could come alive, learn to to share and journey in a community dream group and watch your wondering and questioning come alive in front of you!

Learn to use shamanic journeying for manifestation and transformation, learn the art of bridging, create a conscious dream bridge between your sleep dream and waking dream, never be without guides and helpers.

Shamanic talk stick time; Sun Moon sharing sharing circle, here is a safe place where we can share about yourself and your dream journeys and adventures, if you are feeling stuff there are others here to help point the way home.

Group healing and heart meditation to help transform your blocks and open new doors, everyday is a new day, you can always re-dream your dream and learn to live by the highest vision of yourself!

Ticket Price High Wage £14, Low Wage £10. Students/Unemployed £6. Voluntary place free, only a few so get in touch soon if you would like one of these.

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I’m healing spiritual counsel and specialist sound healer, if you need any such services please get in touch 07724042158