Friday November 10th 7pm

The Karuna Devi Kiirtan Band in association with the Samadhi Bar present to you our Shakti Bhakti Party!

Come and dance for the divine with the Karuna Devi Kiirtan Band and DJ Pixi Pete. Rock your soul to deep rootsy grooves whilst chanting the sacred names of the gods and goddesses within.

If Dance, High Vibes and Connecting with like minded people interest you then you are going to love this!

Bring yourself and be nourished in the sacred High energy sounds of the Karuna Devi Band, and dance with the help of some of the most exceptional drinks and refreshments. The Samadhi Bar brings you a new drinks paradigm with Ayurvedic Herbal Cocktails, whilst Didi brings his wholefood Indian savouries and sweets. There will also be Amy’s Absolutely Delicious Raw Cakes and Chocolate on offer too.

So the Plan.

@7pm: – Dj Pixi Pete we will be opening the doors and the evening setting the space with his sensitive and playful style. Spinning some deep, rootsy and devotional grooves, while you drink a Herbal Cocktail, Tea or Nibble on a Raw Chocolate Cake or two while mingling or just enjoying a Dance.

Please arrive by 8pm for opening circle.

@8pm: – Opening circle followed by Devotional Dance Music from The Karuna Devi Kiirtan Band. The circle reminds us that we are one, and creating the space together. We will be sharing high energy kiirtan to raise our energy. Here everybody has the chance to dance and sing if they feel too.

@10.20pm:- We will end the night beautifully with a meditation and a Sound healing from the divine and incredibly experienced Cherub and Tim Wheater who will invite you to lie down, relax and receive a high frequency fusion of planet gongs, shamanic drums, and sacred sounds soothing you into a deep and meditative space.
Looking forward to praying and opening our hearts with you x Namaste x

Suggested Donation £8-£5