September 13th 7-9.30pm

A shaman is someone who can travel between worlds. Also known as “medicine people” shamans can access otherwise imperceivable information and utilise it for the good of their tribe, the collective and their own being. Shamans work predominantly in the energetic realm, the unseen, with tangible effects in our seen, physical reality.

Shamanic training is ongoing, eternal, with seekers and apprentices routinely immersing themselves in practises to awaken and fine-tune their connection to the inner and outer guidance necessary to navigate these extraordinary realms.

The purpose for developing shamanic abilities will vary from person to person. So do the vehicles.

In Sexual Shamanism we make use of sexual energy – our creative life force – as the fuel to access and explore these realms, these hightened states of consciousness, and ultimately our potential as embodied energy beings.

In the 6th instalment of these popular series, you’re invited to meet and welcome your inner sex shaman. To awaken your shamanic abilities and to get a taste of this kind of magic through very simple yet powerful practises.

60% lecture 40% experiential.

The exercises are either solo or of energetic nature.
No touch or nudity involved.

Everyone welcome. Attendance of our previous Sexual Shamanism workshops not required. No prior experience in meditation or energy work necessary.

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EARLYBIRD – £10 (3 left)

REGULAR: £12 (10 available)

At the door: £15

Group of 4 people: £5 each

Concession tickets available on request: £7
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◈ About the facilitator ◈

Clara Gomez is an Intimacy & Empowerment Coach, International Speaker and Shamanic Sexual Healer.

Her workshops on Sexual Shamanism have reached hundreds in the last few months, attracting an eclectic crowd of switched-on, open-minded individuals.

She has trained extensively in the fields of Tantra, Sexual Shamanism and Mysticism and has spent the last 3 years sharing her experience internationally, supporting groups and individuals through intense processes of transformation while holding a space centered in love, truth and personal sovereignty.

Her relaxed, down to earth and humorous approach to these teachings makes them accessible and valuable to both the initiated and the complete beginner.

Clara is a regular speaker at the Sexuality and Evolution of Consciousness Conference in Israel and has presented at various UK and European festivals including Togetherness, SummerHouse Weekend and Ozora. She’s faculty with the Institute for Conscious Sensuality (Hawaii) and faculty apprentice with ISTA – International School of Temple Arts.

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