Sunday 17th 3pm-6pm

Ben Ben and friends lead bhajans and sacred songs from around the world.  Ben plays guitar and teaches the songs.   Participants are invited to sing, drum, clap, dance and join in any way.   All are welcome to bring songs to share.

Ben was taught by Sannyasins from India to play guitar and sing Indian bhajans and Osho songs at the age of 5.  He became a Sannyasin at the age of 7 and played in the music group at the Ashram in Poona, India.  From the age of 19 Ben Ben travelled the world learning songs from India, the South American medicine tradition and the Rainbow Gatherings.  These sacred songs are a beautiful gift from heart.  Perhaps when you hear these songs you will remember them, even though you may have never heard them before.  They carry ancient magic.  Ben Ben is coming to share these songs at The Hive.  Please do come for a sing along sing-song.  It will help you join the flow and create a beautiful and harmonious time in this life.

Beginning with an optional delicious vegetarian meal in The Hive Café between 2 and 3pm.

We welcome donations.  All proceeds go to The Hive.