Sunday, 1st May 2016, 6:30 – 9pm                                                                Free event, donations welcomed

Dasa Raimanova, film director of Resistance Recipes will be together with the audience preparing mouth-watering vegetarian recipes inspired by what she learned in Palestine. The communal cooking is followed by a screening of her film Resistance Recipes.

Cuisine has long been a meeting ground for passion and politics in the case of Palestine. Resistance Recipes is a doc composed of several stories examining culinary and agricultural projects inspired by resistance. Personal and political insights accompany an account of independent eco-farming, a look at women’s farming cooperative, and discussion of a buy-local initiative.

At the end of the 30 min film the audience is invited to a dinner table where the communally prepared delightful dishes will be served as part of an informal Q&A.

Short Video of cooking as part of the Resistance Recipes screening during Bristol Palestine Film Festival:

This event is part of 25 UK-wide simultaneous screenings organised as part of the Radical Film Network Unconference in Glasgow.

The aim of these events is to generate support, solidarity and awareness about the devastating issues facing Palestinian farmers and food producers in the ongoing Middle East conflict. As well as providing an opportunity to build a network of groups and organisations keen to use film as a tool to develop awareness and grow community cohesion around important social justice issues.

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