8 April 6-9pm
MIGRANTS: Colombians in London Photography exhibition is a participatory and collaborative project that asks the question: What does home mean to you?

The exhibition opens on Saturday 8th of April at 6.00 pm and finishes at 9.00 pm

The aim of MIGRANTS: Colombians in London is to talk about migration at this moment in time, after the results of the Colombian Referendum for the PEACE, back on Sunday 2nd of October 2016. The results were very divisive; No Vote- took the total of 50.21 % of the votes and Yes Vote- took the total of 49.78% of the votes.

It is important to share a platform where we can hear and share the voices of Colombian migrants in an open and creative way.

The exhibiting photographers are: Mirta Osorio, Luz Acevedo, Julian Martinez, Veronica Posada Alvarez, Paulina Acevedo, Barbara L. Lopez Cardona, Myriam Ojeda Patiño, Diana Garcia, Laura Marcela Campos R., Andres Posada, Angelica Quintero, Diego Echeverry & Nancy Elena Mu Campo.

The exhibition is part of a larger programme; talks and poetry.

The schedule for the event is shown below:
6.00 pm poetry by Barbara L. Lopez
6.15 pm talk by Myriam Ojeda Patiño
6.30 pm talk by Luz Acevedo
6.45 pm
“Home as a broader concept including duties and rights”
“Learning a broader definition of home and how we all benefit from it”. talk by Mirta Osorio
7.00 pm talk by John
7.15 pm question time
7.30 pm meet the photographers and drinks
9.00 pm closure