Friday November 4th 7.30-10pm

In this heart opening sound bath we will explore unconditional love through meditation in the style of traditional Buddhist Metta practice. 

Metta translates from Pali as loving-kindness, through this practice we are revealing the light from the shadow. Metta meditation has been a core part of Buddhist teaching since the early Sangha in 450BC, however Buddhism is not alone in its practice of Metta, themes of unconditional love arise universally through many spiritual traditions. 

Metta practice is beneficial to us in a range of ways, as with all experiences, each persons journey is unique, and the most powerful benefit is that it increases empathy, so we find ourselves less judgemental of others and ourselves. Studies show that ‘cultivating compassion and kindness through meditation affects the brain regions that can make a person more empathetic to other people’s mental states’.

Through Metta, we can heal our relationships with others and ourselves, we can allow ourselves to experience our oneness with the whole.

This guided Metta practice will lead you into a sound journey, where our intention is to feel this eternal love in oneness, an extension on the Metta practice.

Join us, as we move the power of Metta through the gongs, drum, singing bowls and other ancient trance inducing instruments from cultures around the world, slip into the bliss of unity.

Please bring whatever you need to be comfortable lying down, for this work is can be nice to bring a blanket or cushion and make a little nest of your own.


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£11 + booking fee in advance, £15 OTD ♥