2-10pm Sunday 14th

This valentines we are very excited to bring a unique collaboration of magical forces of the cacao bean with group and partner yoga. A celebration dedicated to true love for the self and that of our fellow beings.

The celebration will begin with an introduction to the cacao bean and then we will invite you to drink the sacred cacao brought to you by Sam of Chakoa. This ceremonial grade Cacao (Sacred Chocolate as it’s also known) is brought directly from Guatemala where Olmec Shamans have been using it for social gatherings, medicinal purposes and ritual ceremonies for 4000 years. Organic in nature the cacao comes from wild trees; it is the most potent of Mother Nature’s super foods, due to its mineral, vitamin and antioxidant properties. One of the main active ingredients in the Cacao bean is Theobromine. which literally translates to God-Food, and potentiates the release of dopamine, the ‘pleasure’ hormone, which facilitates the opening of hearts.

Once we have consumed the scared drink we will then be guided into a mindful meditation; This will be the perfect gentle introduction to the twogether yoga session. Melanie, with her intuitive and playful style, will take you on a journey of connection with a heart opening sequence, In a sacred and safe space where we will explore the wonders of group and partner yoga. This is a great way to interact in a fun and loving way. By then we hope we will all be feeling loved-up and ready to bust some moves on the dance floor!

MindFestivals and Da Couch radio, will provide you with an evening of music and loving vibes. With a fantastic line-up of DJ’s bringing you silky, sexy tunes featuring Da Couch club Radio DJ’s, Twogether Yoga’s very own Yes-Mel and guest DJ’s. Through out the evening you can treat yourself to a massage from bear hands and Cacao and Love Elixirs from the Chakoa pop up cocktail bar.

Lets get together to create a culture of love and sharing that we can take forth and celebrate forever!!

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2-5pm Cacao ceremony & yoga – £25 per person & includes free entry into L-U dance party 

5.30-10pm – Loved-Up Dance Party – £5 ticket/£8 on door