The last weekend in April, the 29th and 30th of April, we hold the charity festival LOOK AROUND in the Independent Social Space Hive in Haggerston.

The festival would like to encourage people to not be ignorant, do good deeds and offer a support. You can expect the movie screening, auction of the local artworks, crafts market, workshops and much more.

All donations go to support Medecins Sans Frontieres, The Ocean CleanUp, and ReSpace Projects.



The festival is organized by the London-based initiative Frankie Clark – look around which was bringing spontaneous and intentional actions around London in the past two years. We have been playing All you need is love loudly from the windows, having the last supper on London bridge, inserting the secret messages in the fashion shops in Oxford streets. Guerrilla, performance, street art, naivety, statement. This time, we planted the idea of organizing the event which brings together anybody who wants to help each other, the festival LOOK AROUND.

What´s on?

The festival starts on Friday the 29th of April with the workshop installation for kids in building the time machine, followed with the auction of the artworks donated by local artists. You are invited to see a surprise organized by children especially for you and watch Atlantis movie directed by Luc Besson. The screening will be accompanied by the special fragrances so all senses will delve into the masterpiece.

The next day on Saturday the 30th of April you can visit the crafts market held outside the Independent Social Space Hive with a diverse selection of works and products of London´s makers and artists. Illustrated prints, paintings, greeting cards and bookmarks, design, accessories, and clothing, everything you want to see at your local market. Moreover, if you want to spend your afternoon actively you can even enroll in the brooches workshop brought by Lucie Art London or to the pinhole photography workshop held in the next door cafe, Curio Cabal.

We would like to spread the idea that even with a little we can do a lot. So please, help us spread the wor(l)d and pass by.

We are looking forward to seeing you all!