Sat 8 & 15 Apri

3pm~5pm  for children  4pm~6pm  for over 18years old

(Trial overlapping wyz  children & over 18years old )

Price is £10 or £5 for concession
Here is the outline of wOrkshOp:

Discover & enjoy magic skills of mime & heal or perform even for the first time in your life!
Also professional performing artists to collaborate wyz each other.
We warm up wyz yogic or stress free exercise
Taught & practice mime skills
then Explore different subjects
such as discover your personality as a clown, a jester or a pierrot
wear costumes, make ups or masks
and these are all done wyz playful manner with improvisation

We are free to talk, sing, dance, add music, light, image or plot,
whatever you’d like to try out wyz mime
then will receive feedback

We’ve showcased the first performance by London Mime wOrkshOp
>Into Grief Together< not only grief alone >
at Tottenham T Chances on 23rd April 2017
You are welcome to join this production as well if you wish

So let’s heal & be creative !
More you enjoy
Less you shy
email :