A new Food not Bombs group in Whitechapel is getting ready to fight poverty and offer free soup for the revolution in Altab Ali park in Whitechapel! This is a fundraiser to support the group in getting cooking utensils & for people to find out how to get involved & support. If you believe poverty is a form of violence, that food is a right – not a privilege, if you’re angry about the government spending millions in arms sales to repressive states while people starve, then please join us! Let’s beet the system!
Programme of the day:

1pm -> Say hello & clothes swap: spring declutter, renew your wardrobe & be environmentally friendly! Bring your clean clothes that you no longer use and swap them with other items from our collection. £1 per swap

2pm -> Lunch and Film screening: Stop! Rodando el cambio (1hr 30min)
This is a self-financed documentary with an all women directors. They travel for a month along the Spanish countryside and into Portugal and France, making stops along the way to meet individuals and collectives in search of alternative forms of living. You will see different ways of understanding life, consumption, respect for the environment, labour, and the need to actively participate in making a change. All these have something in common: we live on the same planet, and this planet is finite.

3.30pm -> Quiz & prize

4.30pm -> Film screening: Seeds of Sovereignty (37 mins)
Seeds of Sovereignty shares the stories of African communities embarking on a journey to revive their traditional seed diversity, and take back control over their food systems. Forging a path toward a socially just, ecologically sane and sovereign future, they are courageously challenging the corporate, profit driven model of agriculture imposed upon them.

Suggested donation £5
Volunteers needed on the day for cooking, helping out with the clothes swap etc pls get in touch x
Please bring donations of non-perishable food

Soup and Solidarity,
FNB Whitechapel