Saturday November 18 1.30-4.30pm

Documentary screening by SOAS Kashmir Solidarity Movement

In the most militarised place on earth, one man is standing up to the armed might of the world’s largest democracy. The documentary follows a Kashmiri lawyer as he uncovers India’s best-kept secret. With the world’s media attention focused on repression in Syria and the threat to the Euro, the Indian state of Kashmir, nestling in the shadow of the Himalayas, is in danger of becoming a forgotten conflict. But last summer this valley erupted in some of the most violent street protests it has ever seen. Hundreds of thousands of stone-throwing teenagers aimed at heavily armed Indian Security Force troops, who returned live fire, with 100s demonstrators killed, many of them children, followed by a lock-down in which no one could get in or out of the state.

In among the rioters, to find out why they risked their lives and accompanying a local human rights lawyer determined to investigate how India restored an uneasy peace, Kashmir’s Torture Trail uncovers a state-sanctioned torture programme that has set India on a collision course with the international community.


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