sexual_shamanismTuesday 13 December 7-10pm

Interactive talk with some experiential parts,

In Sexual Shamanism, erotic energy is considered creative life-force energy, arguably the most powerful energy we have access to. As such, we may utilise it for multiple extraordinary feats, such as healing, manifestation and connection to the divine, among others.

This introductory talk will offer a glimpse into the fascinating ancient practice of the Temple Arts and into how we may realise our full potential as embodied energy beings.

Some of the questions we’ll address:
◈ How can we harness sexual energy to manifest what we desire in our reality?
◈ What are some of the practises sexual shamans use to become a clear channel for Eros and for the Divine?
◈ How can the healing of fear, shame and guilt around sex and pleasure lead to more power and freedom in our lives?
◈ What are some simple practises we can begin to explore to step into a more embodied, more empowered, sex-positive, heart-centered existence?

The experiential parts are all fully clothed and will range from guided meditations (solo) to exercises in pairs and groups of 3-4, focused on embodiment and including breathwork, sounding and movement to generate energy in the body. No contact with others required.

A safe space will be created for these.

No previous experience in meditation or energy work required.

◈ About the host ◈
Clara Gomez is a Conscious Sensuality facilitator, Relationships Coach and Shamanic Sexual Healer. She’s faculty apprentice at the International School of Temple Arts (ISTA) with whom she has trained extensively supporting courses around the world for the last two years.
She’s dedicated to help cultivate more freedom and awareness in our bodies and relationships. Her deep passion is guiding individuals to connect with their creative essence and personal power through erotic and emotional energy. She’s currently based in London where she offers private sessions.

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◈ Limited Tickets ◈
Regular: £10
Concessions: £7 (+booking fee)
Group of 4 people: £5 each (+booking fee)
At the door: £12