Friday May 12th 7pm – 10:30pm, Floor 2

Sexual Energy is creative Life Force energy.

In Sexual Shamanism, among other things, we work primarily on clearing what’s on the way of allowing this powerful energy to run through our system so we may access its truly infinite potential. This clearing happens through key Healing and Integration work.

The Integration is that of the essential aspects of the human experience. Mind-Body. Masculine-Feminine. Light-Shadow, etc. The Healing involves unlearning of cultural conditioning, releasing limiting beliefs and re-programing of our neurology.

The result is a return to our wild, innocent, loving nature. An existence centred in Love, Power and Freedom.

In the 4th instalment of our introductory series on Sexual Shamanism, we’ll be focusing on the Mind-Body integration and on releasing the tragically tamed and neglected “wild” aspect in us. The purpose – the reconciliation and harmonious coming together of our Consciousness and the Animal within.

When unacknowledged, going about our lives with a caged Animal, may result in random outbursts of aggression, unhealthy habits and eventually – most likely – disease.

When the Animal is acknowledged and allowed to roam free, our healthy wildness plays on our side and an endless resource of raw energy is at our disposal to be harnessed with consciousness and channelled with intention.

50/50 talk and experiential.

All activities are clothed, of a playful nature and honouring personal boundaries and consent.

Everyone welcome. Attendance of our previous Sexual Shamanism workshops not required. No prior experience in meditation or energy work necessary.

◈ Limited Tickets ◈ (Our events tend to sell out).

Regular: £10

Concession: £7

Group of 4 people: £5 each

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At the door: £12

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◈ About the Facilitator ◈

Clara Gomez is a Conscious Sensuality Teacher, Intimacy & Empowerment Coach and Shamanic Sexual Healer.

She has spent the last 2 years supporting groups and individuals through intense processes of transformation towards empowerment, holding a space centred in love, truth and personal sovereignty.

Clara has served extensively as a Priestess in the re-emerging Love Temples across the world and is a regular presenter at the Sexuality and Evolution of Consciousness conference in Israel.

She is faculty with the Institute for Conscious Sensuality (Hawaii) and faculty apprentice with ISTA – International School of Temple Arts, under the mentorship of Radical Kabbalist and former rabbi Ohad Ezrahi.

She’s currently based in London where she holds workshops, Women Circles and private sessions.

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