Friday June 17th 7pm-late

Two film collectives fuse to bring you a night of new work.

THE HIVE will host the first screening of a new experimental dance video by Paracosm and Bad House Film, Getting on Better with Imaginary Friends.

This is a fundraiser for their next project- short film PROTOTYPE to be shot late July with the same crew.


The night will also feature an array of live performances from bands, DJs and artists showcasing new work.

Bring an instrument, bring a buddy. Get dolled up like the imaginary friend you haven’t seen in a while, or the one you never had. BYOB!


BAD HOUSE FILM began in 2013 as a group of filmmakers creating original work in disused spaces, painting a picture of a world beneath the surface of London, and what is possible with a little bit of imagination, and/or climbing.

PARACOSM is the celestial spawn of Charly Flyte and Kelby Keenan. Charly met Kelby when one was playing Alice in Wonderland, the other The White Rabbit. United by a vision to tell more stories about badass female characters, Paracosm make films that feature strong feminist and queer narratives.


HANDS artfully blends an alt-rock/pop sound, soulful vocals and original lyrics. Influenced by Arcade Fire, Bjork and Carole King. Hands invites you to be part of the show by making each performance an immersive, fun and fearless artistic celebration. Hands have just released their debut record ‘Feral City’ and have an eventful summer of performances coming your way!


VERONICA FLAME is a queer, intersectional feminist and a sex worker living and working in London. Her performance centers around sexuality and sex work. Through satire, comedy and darkness, she tries to break the stigma associated with her line of work. She desires with passion to see Patriarchy burn to ashes.

SKY is a multi-instrumentalist and songwriter, bringing together elements of electronic music and percussive fingerstyle acoustic guitar. With a voice that has drawn comparison with Florence Welch, his songs will take you down a rabbit hole of mystery and peril.


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