Saturday January 14th, 6-11pm, 1st floor, £5
Hullabaloo Part 3 : Be A Party Animal!!

Hey Lovely People

I’ve decided to have another Hullabaloo at the Hive but this time the theme will be “Be a Party Animal!” so come dressed as your Power or Favourite Animal!

There’ll be face painting there to help finish your creation if needed.

If you’re not brave enough to come dressed as an animal just come dressed as extravagantly as possible!

There’ll be a tribal Jam, live acts and of course DJ Keef spinning the decks of steel playing all your favourite and animal themed tunes!!

It will not only be my birthday celebration but a celebration of each and every one of your lives and loves and a great way to start 2017, amongst those we hold dear to us, chilling, chatting, connecting, dancing and frolicking together and having a right old Hullabaloo!!

I know that after Christmas and New Year everyone is a bit strapped for cash so I’m making the entry a small donation of £5 just to cover the cost of the DJ, artist and venue.

So come along, invite your friends and let’s get this party started right!

Danny Palmer  :) xxx