AYURVEDIC & YOGA THERAPY with Bartosz Ayu Bobkowski


Body, breath and mind are three doors to healing. When they come toghether during massage therapy or yoga sessions – everything may happen through connection on very deep level of our nature. the three doors take us to inner stilness, silence, and openess experience. This way we release our habitual patterns and have clear access to openness, awareness, and warmth. We recognize the space of our very being itself, and this intimate recognition is a spark, a light that ignites a positive response to the moment. When we abide in openness, awareness, and warmth, we are naturally able to express generosity, experience forgiveness, feel love, or have compassion. This single experience of resting in the inner connection of one’s being gives birth to so many positive experiences—transforming self, and relationships.

This introductory workshop is ayogic approach to science of yoga therapy in massage and treatments as ayurvedic yoga massage, kalari chikitsa, thai yoga massage or any other that use streatching, mobilisation, chiropraktice, deep tissue, and chiropractice techniques. During this work Bartosz will guide us through lecture, 5 prana exercises, 3 door meditation and demonstrate unique bodywork techniques to engage our 3 doors of body,mind and breath to bring inner connection, healing, and harmony. The yogic massage therapy focuses on breathing, internal awerness to release tensions, mobilisations and streaching to open the body. The work is done at the level of body, breath and mind. They provide great support and supplement for the practice of yoga , meditation and personal growth.

18:00-19:00 Meditation and 5 prana exercises
19:00-20:00 Lecture
20:00-21:00 Demonstration

Fee: £15
Sign up – 07463572335
We open registration for intrested in 6 mths education program of yogic techniques in massage therapy.
Bartosz Ayu Bobkowski – is an ayurveda, yoga and massage therapist and instructor with over 9 years experience. He has studied and researched in India and Thailand for deep and effective methods of body work. His work is based on advanced practice of thai, ayurvedic, kalari, kushti, and yoga massage techniques and treatments. The researches pushed him in developing very holistic, dynamic, deep, mindful style of massage based on deep, oil or dry work using hands, feet, knees, elbows and first of all – stretching and moblization techniques, witch come from yoga, physiotherapy, osteopathy and traditional eastern techniques, as well as marma chikitsa – Indian and Tibetan acupressure techniques, cupping therapy, moksa heating therapy, aromatherapy, and ayurvedic use of herbs, dietary and life style suggestion to inspire my clients for healthy, relaxed, mindful life.