21st June, 7-10pm

Hacktivism is direct action that disrupts or gains unauthorised access to computer systems in order to further social or political goals. Hacktivists have taken down websites as acts of protest, disrupted payment systems, and published secret documents blowing the lid on government surveillance and brutality.

Hacktivists are the target of intense and international state persecution, with the US government heedlessly crossing borders to extradite and incarcerate those involved. British hacktivist Lauri Love is currently battling extradition to the US for his alleged participation in the spate of online protests which followed the death of fellow hacktivist Aaron Swartz who committed suicide while being persecuted by the US authorities.

Yet on the left, hacktivism is often misunderstood or overlooked. In this event, we’ll be exploring how state persecution of hacktivists affects other activist campaigns, why there may be a divide within the left, and how we can show our solidarity with hacktivists. To help our discussion we’ll be hearing directly from Lauri Love and Eva Blum-Dumontet, as well as others involved in these campaigns.

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