It’s time to take back the music!

A decade ago the Scissor Sisters ‘didn’t feel like dancing’, while Justin promised to bring ‘Sexy Back’… and in that time London has lost half its live music venues – historic streets and bars where legends cut their teeth, disappearing into giant glass structures and trendy eateries. The city is turning into a place where elevator music and advertising jingles are our soundtrack and we’re forced out into the fields for our live music and for the sense of community it brings. Herded into zones with our wellington boots and festival hats. Paying handsomely for the privilege.

That’s not how it should be. London once buzzed with great bands and world famous venues, it’s where the talented came to be discovered. It’s where you came to find the hidden gems. And it can be again.

February 25th 2017 is the night we start to redress this imbalance with Grand Theft Audio: Hive – the “it’s time to take back the music” party!

Passing Clouds, The Silver Bullet and Hive Dalston join forces with one of London’s top underground party organisers – the Night of Suspenses – to bring you a complete Hive takeover!

Amazing bands, magical performances and interactive theater will make this night a once-in-a-lifetime event and it marks the start of a campaign to re-open some of those grand old spaces as grassroots music venues… places designed to bring out the talent in our people and nurture it.

7 areas of entertainment and 7 hours of mayhem in the creative hub that is the Hive.

Let’s stand up for the music that brings you to your feet… let’s rise for the bands that lift our hearts… together we can create an event that will change the face of music in our city for the next ten years.

For more information, tickets or to find out how to get involved go to or search @gtahive