Beautiful GONGBATH session with Crystal Singing Bowls, Tibetan Bowls & Drums! ♥


Sound + intention = healing

Allow sounds to transport to where it needs healing!

– Prepare a tranquil and open mind to receive the healing energies ♥



– Please bring a mat, blankey and water for Detox!

– Bowls may be placed on the body and played and it comes as a first come first served basis :)
– You will lay down in circle and receive the vibrations of the sounds :)

Arrival time at 7:45pm for a prompt 8:00pm start!


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The cost is £15.
You can pay on the door, through Eventbrite OR online via paypal (to via to family and friends option) to reserve your space.

Here are some of the testimonials from previous sound sessions:

‘Sound is a very powerful method of healing, clearing and harmonising the energy fields. Sandy holds a beautiful and powerful healing space.’ Steve Ahnael Nobel. Author, coach, founder of Soul Matrix Healing. Ex Director of Alternatives (based in St. James’s Church, Piccadilly, London)

‘I had the most amazing experience today with Soul Auganic sound healing. It was a wonderful experience during my body scan I felt a force pull me forward it was an experience this was obviously where my need for healing was to be. For me this was a new way of healing mind body and soul the sound of the Crystal bowls and equipment used in my therapy very new to me. I enjoyed my healing time with my consultant therapist San. I felt totally relaxed and during my therapy I felt my mind and body was being cleanse of the negative energies and my healing had begun. I look forward to my next session. I have recommended the therapy to my friends and I believe that some have been in contact. Wonderful experience’ Heather H.

‘Sandy is very gifted at what she does, extremely kind, calm and patient. I have been ill quite seriously for 6 months and been tossed around from GP to GP who offered anti-depressants and painkillers, both of which I was sure would not be helpful. The sound healing felt non invasive toward my body yet extremely powerful, allowing me the feeling of accessing my higher dimensions and I very strongly felt the connection and presence of my mum during the session. I felt that I could let go in a way that sometimes takes a bit longer during talking therapy…Sandy also made me a wicked mixture of essential oils and other goodies personalised toward my own ‘issues’. Thank you! I will be back soon.’ Jenny K.

‘This morning I was with San and her lovely sound of her drums, it was amazing, the sound made me feel in a really beautiful and wonderful meditation direct to the sound of my heart. Thank you very much. San is so lovely and her work with the drum could be for more than relax… peace… so love’ Veronica A.

‘I received a beautiful sound healing from San Lau. How she scans the body using her voice was something I’d never experienced before.
I could feel how different parts of my body responded to the sound. The parts, that she sensed needed some work, were spot on.
Actually having the bowls placed on me seemed to make the meditation more deep. I have no idea where I went during but wherever it was I felt so peaceful. What was even better was that when I stood back up the stiffness I’d been having in my knees was completely gone. Thank you San Lau’ Jade A.

‘I had a sound healing yesterday with San! I was very stressed and tired, my neck was very stiff! The healing was amazing, the sound of the bowls, her sounds, San is a very good healer and also a really nice person! I loved have met you!!! And looking forward for my second session!!!’ Pluma M.

‘Very powerful experience with San! It was amazing, I could feel the sounds of the Tibetan bowls resonating throughout my whole body. The healing vibrations were most intense in my heart chakra and foot chakra areas where I needed the most healing.
Initially I wanted to connect with my spirit guides and while the bowls were being played, I received a name which I believe is that of my spirit guide. Furthermore, I wanted to gain some clarity on my current circumstances, and the connected state that I was able to reach with the help of San allowed me to receive guidance and understanding.
San was able to locate an energy blockage and clear it for me which left me rejuvenated and feeling re-balanced.
I found that the bowls she used and the equipment really connected to my energy body and heightened my awareness. I still feel balanced and connected a few days on and am eternally grateful!
Will definitely be attending another session.
Thank you so much’ Anjali V.

”I received a sound healing session and a sound bath from San recently. I have been amazed by the deep state of relaxation I got into thanks to the drumming. My body got into a very perceptive state and each time a particular sound addressed the chakras, I could feel movement and release happening in some of them, and in other parts of my physical/ energetic body as well. San is an attentive and dedicated qualified practitioner who supports your experience making sure that the healing space is safe and that you are comfortable during the process. She is happy to communicate with you about the nature of her practice and to listen about your experience afterwards, being open to understand together with you the healing that occurred, always with much respect and kindness. I highly recommend her service to anyone interested in this gentle but powerful healing art.’ Arianna C.

‘I had never had a personal sound healing before. San Lau really has a special intuition for sound healing. I was really amazed how she managed to tune into weak areas of my body and her singing voice is really powerful as she heals through voice, as well as singing bowls which she placed on various parts of my body like the heart and legs. It’s a deeply relaxing experience, and I felt like I drifted deeply to places of my soul/mind very deeply. Would definitely recommend trying a sound healing with San if you need to relax! Susannah W.

‘I had a lovely sound healing session with Sandy. I experienced a state of deep relaxation as the sound of the bowls penetrated deep into my body. I could feel my body releasing stored tension as my body shook spontaneously. The more tension I released the more I could feel the life force energy circulating around my body which was beautiful as it felt as if all my cells are dancing happily. I could feel the uplifting effects of the session for a long time afterwards.’ Debra G.

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