Fever Dreams Presents: Hyper Feet Launch Party with Rushmore:
Saturday March 5th – 5pm-10.30pm

Footwork is both a dance and a musical genre (also called Juke) that originates from Chicago. While the music has become popular around the world in the last 5 years or so, the dance battles that are such a key part of Chicago’s footwork scene have only been replicated in some other parts of the US and Japan (in particular Tokyo where it has been very successful). The dance and the music grew out of Ghetto House due to dancers wanting to challenge themselves with faster and more complicated dance moves, going up from 130-140bpm to the 160bpm tempo commonly used today.

There is great potential for footwork to bring people together who have an interest in challenging dance and music. I went to a one-off footwork dance class at Pineapple Studios, run by two of the biggest Chicago footwork dancers (Litebulb and Chief Manny of The Era crew). There were more than 70 attendees, including some already talented footworkers, a lot of beginners, and even Kode9, the label head of Hyperdub, one of the biggest underground music labels in the UK and one of the biggest champions of footwork in UK. I was inspired by The Era, my own love for footwork, and meeting Traxman and DJ Spinn, who expressed their disappointment that, despite the music catching on in the UK, the dance hadn’t been integrated at all.

Hyper Feet takes footwork to its grassroots, with dancing and music together in buzzing community venue the Hive, Hackney. For its first ever event, Hyper Feet brings the best of the UK Footwork/Juke scene, as well as a special headliner who has been a pioneer of world club music in the UK.


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