Friday Jan 27 2-4.30

This 2.5 hour workshop is an introduction to ‘extra-live’ theatre.

Extra-live theatre is any kind of performance that is aware the audience exists and the performer is able to respond in the moment to anything that happens. We will learn to carry the architecture of the theatre around inside of ourselves and therefore be ready and able to perform anywhere – at anytime.

This is an introduction, but the techniques are rigorous and participants should expect to be challenged. The road to success though is paved with playfulness and the best tool for doing this work is a generous spirit. Anyone can master this workshop and the only requirement is that you are kind to yourself.

Jolie Booth has been teaching theatre skills to students of all ages for over fifteen years and has run weekly classes in Brighton for over four years. She trained in acting at the Academy of Creative Training, fooling at the Nomadic Academy for Fools, clowning at How to be a Stupid and physical theatre at Aurora Nova.

Free entry

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