Wednesday September 30th and Wednesday October 7th 19.00 – 20.30 followed by snacks and sharings until 21.00  (Please bring veggie snacks to share)

Come join us for a Biodanza extravaganza on Wednesday 30th September and Wednesday October 7th from 7pm!

Biodanza is the dazzling dance of life; an invitation to experience the present moment more fully through movement, music, touch and caress; sprinkled with lots of love. Reconnect with your life energy and liberate your potential in Vitality, Creativity, Sexuality, Affectivity and Transcendence.

Open your heart, mind and soul even further to this wonderful gift of LIFE!
£8 students/unwaged (proof required) & £10 waged

Please bring a bottle of water and wear comfortable clothes to move freely.
We will be dancing barefoot throughout the session.

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