27 April – 7pm
Drowning Dog and Malatesta – Anarchist Rap (San Francisco/Milano/Berlin)
Dj Steaz
W15 OMeza & Le Hornet

Female fronted political rapping over beats ranging from minimalist electronica to more typical R&B and hip-hop samplings.
the lyrical content of DDM is based on classical anarchist and leftist themes such as precarity, power structures and class consciousness, squatting and housing issues.
Toouring Europe since 2009, playing more the 300 shows for benefit causes and social events , launching the collective label E.K Records and organizing international Hip Hop events like “Rap Militante” Internazionale along  with Leleprox from Milan.

DDM are now based in Berlin.

DDM (Drowning Dog and Malatesta)

DJ Steaz
IcyKal –
It’s more then music, it’s about a movement. IcyKal believes music and laughter are the best forms of healing and sometimes fuses the two. IcyKal is known as a conscious rapper and spoken word artist, as her content is mainly based around real life issues. As this is her passion, IcyKal believes to embrace reality through music, no subject should be left untouched. IcyKal has written about every subject that has ever mattered to her and those around her, so expect to see, hear and share her life experiences with her through her music.

W15 OMeza & le hornet

£5 entry