Dakini DANCE and CHANT £12
15th Jan: 6-8pm
21st Jan: 3-5pm

Dakini Dance and Chant is a moving meditation. Intuitive movement and soul healing, through transcendental indigenous Dance, Tantra, Yogic Asanas and Mantras.

A 90 min workshop that focuses on cultivating honey in the heart. Increase your vitality, aliveness and well being. Develop your clarity and tune into your natural rhythm. Feel the essence of your bliss, become one with the All.

Dakini / one who moves in space, who tempts one into
a high state of spirituality. An intuitive sound and movement workshop. Transcendental indigenous dance, yoga asanas, mantras – a moving meditation. Cultivate honey in the heart
increase and tap into your vitality, aliveness and wellbeing.
develop your clarity and re – connect to your natural being.
feel the essence of your bliss and become one with all.

Website:  http://muflower.weebly.com/workshop-classes.html

Tickets:  https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/o/mu-flower-ma-12554863130