Friday October 27th 7-11pm

Hi everyone.

First of all I would like to thank each and every person who has contributed to my previous cause for stem cell therapy, it was because of you I underwent treatment and as it stands I have 575 million stem cells in my body which has begun the cellular healing and repair of damaged tissue due to MS.

Presently I am embarking on another journey in my health recovery mission and I am in the center of reeducation where improvements such as majorly reduced muscle spasticity, improved bladder function and daily physiotherapy are taking place.

I am creating this event to ask for assistance with extending my stay in this highly beneficial clinic so that my dream of full mobility becomes a reality.

I am very confident in both myself and their ability to assist me with getting better and returning to live a life of well being.

Your help is very much appreciated and thank you in advance.

£5 Entry and any other donations are humbly accepted.

Thank you