Wednesday May 31st 7pm – 11pm

Create Change

Is Youth Led; Engages Others; Involves UK Community; Creates a Positive Long-Lasting Change

Last year I volunteered abroad with Raleigh International and ICS charities in Nicaragua. Those 3 months really opened my eyes to the real issues in cultural differences and diversity. Now that I have returned home I feel I must incite change. As a woman who is also of ethnic minority, I have personally experienced barriers and obstacles that one may face, despite living in a multicultural community – London. Having worked in the health sector, the importance of equity for those facing mental health issues is growing and also imperative for addressing my aim of creating a positive long lasting change.

What is Create Change?

Create Change is a cultural arts charity event based on mental health, women’s rights and diversity. The aim is to raise awareness and provide a space for an exhibition, performances and a panel talk/forum. This should be an interactive place for people to explore diversity and voice their concerns.

Specifically, issues such as awareness and living with mental health, the potential, strength and voice of women and similarly, the equality, stigma and stereotypes of cultural diversity will be discussed at the event. A panel discussion will be built from speakers and professionals in these areas to provoke discussions that matter.

Ideally the private event would be held on the 31st May 2017 at Hive Dalston. I aim to invite a crowd of approximately 50 people. Invitations would be sent to those on a specific Guestlist although word of the event and the results would be spread digitally and over several social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat.

My budget is small however I am happy to fundraise for any relevant costs. Guests will pay £3-5 for a ticket, 20% of the raised total would go towards the Hive as discussed whilst the 80% will be donated to a cause of my choosing in Nicaragua.


There are currently several big issues that need to be addressed by young people, issues that should be discussed and explored. Young people have many questions and many opinions that they feel do not get answered publicly often enough. Some turn to social media for answers and I aim to provide young people with appropriate media so that they know something is being done. Change starts with you.

There is also a lot of attention on creative work, the demand and awareness of it is rising and I see it best that we utilise this opportunity to catch the attention of young people and also provide a platform for creatives to flourish.


Event starts – exhibition is opened (DJ) Archetype Dance Crew performs Introduction to event/ talk with crowd

1st Act – Singing

2nd Act – Poet
3d Act – Spoken word
Intro to stalls/products on sale

4th Act – Spoken word (DJ)
Talks begin
Leads into panel discussion
5th Act – Dance
6th Act – Monologue
7th Act – Poet / Singers’ Performances end and DJ begins.

(programme may change) Programme est. time – 3 hours 6pm – 9pm / 7pm- 11pm