Friday 10th / 17th / 24th February 6-11pm

Make health and happiness your priority for the new cycle of 2017! Start the new year with a super life affirming and inspiring bang.

Join us for an uplifting, energising and enjoyable 3 hour class that combines a wonderfully flowing yet systematic sequence of yoga, meditation, white tantra (simple partner exercises), self massage, chanting, sound bathing and relaxation. These practices alone are amazing, but when brought together, synergize and complement one another perfectly.

You will be skillfully and tenderly guided through all of this by Dominik Reza Zaerin, who is an experienced Yoga Teacher and Class Instructor.

Dominik Reza Zaerin works as a ‘Personal Transformation Partner’ by fusing his skills and experience as a Personal Trainer, Yoga Teacher, Massage Therapist and Coach.Supporting his clients and community in achieving their goals and realising their potential.


Everything you ever needed and looked for can be found within your own body temple, mind palace and soul sanctuary. In todays fast paced, stressful and disturned age, especially in the urban environment, we need to take responibility for our own health, vitality and stress management. This class will give you those tools.

For more information please contact Dom.
Dominik Reza Zaerin

Payment System:

Cash, paypal or bank transfer. Contact Dominik iif you are going to use the digital option. Cash is easiest and prefered.

In order to make this experience and service available to as many people as possible, regardless of ones financial situation, Dom has decided to implement a transparent and simple ‘pay what you can afford’ sliding scale system. It works like this:

£15 – The full costand value of the class.
£10 – The discounted ‘helping hand’ rate.
£5 – The ‘be my abundance’ Samaritan rate.

Just be honest. The £15 people cover the costs of the £5 people. Money should be the last thing from stopping you practicing and growing your health, happiness and well-being! From expereince, I know that ‘Free’ is not valued or doesn’t work, especially in London (and theres no need to get into the details about this!).

Logistics and Practical Information:

– It is nice to bring some snacks/ offerings to the class so that you/ we can have a nibble after the class. Thats totally up to you.

– Myself and the Hive have limited yoga mats and shawls. Its a first come, first served system. Please bring your own if you can!

– Wear comfortable clothes, stay warm. Bring your own water bottle with you (or thermos tea flask?). Water and refreshments and even food are available at the bar/ kitchen. NO ALCHOHOL OR DRUGS!

– The space is large enough for lots of people, we could potentially squeeze in 40-50 beings into the area. But this is a first come first served class. If you want to guarantee your spot, confirm via the eventrbrite link. If you don’t confirm we can’t guarnatee a spot but you can always turn up and try your luck!

– All ages are welcome, bring your children and dogs if you want/ need. This is totally your responsibility and cannot disturb the class.