ClitCultuRe CabaRet
Friday 16th 7-11pm
Calling thrill seekers, biological deviants and queen bees! For one shameless night, join hostess with the mostess MxPA at The Hive Dalstonfor the ClitCultuRe CabaRet featuring the cream of the crop in comedy, polit-tit spoken word and contrarian cabaret. No lip service here: ditch your drones at the door.

Ladies in line, but not in waiting:

**Revolutionary punk band Shitsick

** HOAX conjure up a t.h.e.a.t.r.i.c.a.l f.o.r.e.c.a.s.t.

**Kassius Nelson speaks her mind with some spoken word

**BAIT tells tales: Strap yourself in with a glass of gin and ride a bucking white horse with us

**Satiric caricaturist Frankie Foxton takes the piSS

**Shameless poetry stitches by ilker&theego

ClitCultuRe CabaRet is put on by Proactive Dance to celebrate the joys of being female. Its time to disrupt, disarm, and delegitimise this phallocentric world through playful agitation.

£5 OTD. Come along, have a laugh, be silly and after join us for a Dalston Friday dance off!

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