Chakra Balancing Yoga Workshop on Root Chakra
Oct 30, 12.30-3.30pm

Increase your sense of safety, security, support, vitality and grounding in this meditative Yoga workshop on the Root Chakra (Muladhara Chakra). When we open the Root Chakra we invite the Earth element into our being. This workshop will be followed by a talk on The Chakras.

Deepen your awareness of your own energy through Yoga Asanas, Meditation, Pranayama (Yogic breathing) and Sound to balance and harmonise your chakras. All levels welcome. Limited space, so book now! This is also the start of a 7 week chakra balancing course running from Oct 30-Dec 11 in case you feel to join for the whole course or to drop into later workshops.

For more information visit the Facebook Page & Group: Inner Peace Wellness or email any queries to ipeacewellness

Booking is essential
£21 / £15 concessions
For bookings: