Friday October 13th 7pm

For an adventure into consciousness, through a psychedelic light show using light, sound and plant medicine.

Event page link:

To book this event you need to send me an facebook message or email so I am aware of how many that is arriving as there are limited spaces

✓ Gong Bath
✓ Pineal Gland Activation through light
✓ Group Reiki Healing
✓ Cacao/raw chocolate (Plant Medicine)
✓ Psychedelic Visuals
✓ Deep Trance Meditation machine
✓ Group Meditation

COST: £30 Per person will cover
what you get:

– Raw Cacao hot elixir drink
– Guided Meditation for grounding
– 15, 30, + 45 Minute PandoraStar Session


PandoraStar uses flickering light technology to transcend the brain for exploring human consciousness and potential. For mind, body, and spirit.


Before attending this event please print off, fill out and sign the consent form:


With a state of the art mind machine for exploring, enhancing and prolonging your meditative state, from sleep, brain training and lucid dreaming.

As a tribe we will all be guided to create sound in resonance with each other

Followed by drink from the sacred cacao

There after a meditation for transformation Then Laying down under the PandoraStar with a desire to journey meditatively as a group. As you lay down you will close your eyes and relax to supercharge your brain and ignite your third eye, naturally releasing DMT from your pineal gland for experiencing inner visions

and deep meditative states. NEXT – There is a gong bath to follow in darkness so bring a blind fold
The last part is Listening to beautiful healing tones as I the healer gro around as a group
to give you all healing for the reminder of the evening. We end with a group circle hug and end in Om 3 x