Friday 18th August, Friday 8th September, 7-10pm,
Join me for a magical, Heart Opening Cacao Ceremony with 5 Element Dance to open your Heart to the magic of your Self and invite in all the countless blessings which are your Divine Birthright.
This will be an intimate Cacao ceremony, in a lovingly held safe space, working with the Spirit of Cacao, to open our Hearts. Cacao is a sacred ceremonial medicine that has been used by the ancients in Southern and Central America for thousands of years, where it was seen as “a hotline to the Divine”. Cacao is a light and gentle plant medicine but it can also work more deeply on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels.
In sacred circle, we will share our intentions, in the spirit of Unity, Equality and Community, all Hearts’ joining as One. Our circle will be followed by an amazing & uplifting Dance journey, dancing through the 5 Elements-Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether-to awaken these elements inside you and outside you. Expect to sweat and dance out your wildest dreams!! This is most definitely a space to move from the ordinary into the non-ordinary.
An amazing sensory journey awaits you, allowing you to dance out your intentions and to set your prayers into motion. When the 5 Elements and senses are in balance, a 6th sense is born, bringing Harmony into your Being. 
This is also a perfect opportunity to celebrate the magnificence of Summer, and honour this amazing season. Let’s celebrate Life! Let’s celebrate You! 
Dance and music are both powerful natural healers which connect to the Heart and help you to move out of your Mind. Take a deep breath and dive deep within yourself to let go of what doesn’t serve you any more and invite your wildest dreams into manifestation.
Magic happens in sacred ceremonial spaces. I would be honoured if you allowed me to guide you through this journey, back into the One Heart.
I love nothing more than to enable people to become more aware of their Divine Heart Self and to remember the powerful creator that they are. We each have the power to manifest Infinite Possibilities. To truly know ourselves is, I believe, the greatest gift we can give to humanity. My passion for empowering people to remember their Divine Infinite Self takes me to teaching Yoga, Meditation, facilitating wellbeing Workshops, Ceremonies, Festivals and Retreats & working One on One in Intuitive Coaching and Heart Healing sessions.
Earlybird £20 (available till 16 Aug)
Earlybird Bring Two Friends £15 each (available till 16 Aug)
Standard & On the Door £25
Please buy your tickets in advance so that I know how much Cacao to prepare-thank you!
Avoid eating a heavy meal for at least 3 hours before the Cacao Ceremony starts and arrive hydrated
Avoid caffeine & alcohol on the day of the Ceremony
Try your best to avoid alcohol, caffeine or any other intoxicants for a few days prior
Bring a large bottle of water. You will sweat!!
Wear something you are comfortable sitting in and dancing in! 
Optional-bring an offering for the altar. Something special to you or that represents one or all of the elements.