Sun April 3 – 5-9pm

Cacao, Rape’h, Sananga & Agua de Florida Ceremony – UK, London
With the help of the Cosmic vibrations our beloved plants Cacao, Rape’h, Sananga and Agua Florida in union with Angels, Ascended Masters and Ancestors we are brought into a deep loving heart space within. To shed the layers of old patterning and belief systems that no longer serve our higher selves and spirits. As we move into a higher frequency we are able to see, sense and feel on a deeper level that we are our own masters. Shining our love and light vibration into the core of our sacred Mother Earth and out into the Cosmo’s of the One Source of that which we all are.

This ceremony will be guided by Shaundra Hyre and Ilokila Ehko (Chile) Providing a space for the flow of energy with prayers, medicine songs and chants, sacred sounds and silence for the individual and collective process of upward vibrational spiral.

Please bring a pillow, blanket, wear comfortable clothing, a bottle of water, crystals and any sacred items for the altar.

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Cooperation : £30 – A percentage of ceremonies will be going to raise funds for a clean water well for the Kuntanawa Tribe in Acre’ Brazil.