Tuesday July 12, 6.30-10pm

What does time mean under late capitalism? It seems increasingly frantic, measured and scarce, while we are busier than ever. How do we make sense of this constant urgency? This feeling of anxious productivity? This drive towards quantifying our life into discrete, defined time blocks?

In this participatory discussion, we will talk about what time poverty means; the gendering of time – women’s experience of time as fragmented and rarely restful; why we constantly feel hurried and anxious and how this impacts our mental health and ability to participate in the political process; the concept of “productivity” and why we’re so obsessed with it; alternative, non-Western ways of perceiving time and how they can be a starting point of resistance; and moving beyond the tyranny of the clock and reclaiming open ended, loose, ‘pointless’ time.

We will be hearing from:
Samson Kambalu, video and performance artist
Valerie Bryson, author of Gender and The Politics of Time
Peter Fleming, author of Dead Man Working and Resisting Work: The Corporatization of Life and Its Discontents

Lynne Friedli, researcher @Hubbub in residence at Wellcome Collection

As ever, all our events are free but there’s a suggested donation of £5 (£3 for consessions) to help us cover costs.